Financing a Mobile Home

Get Affordable Financing for Homes in By Way Mobile Home Park

Why Is Owning Better than Renting

When you rent an apartment or a house, you are not builing any equity. Suppose you have rented a house in Columbus for 5 years. When you move out of your place, you have not built any wealth. On the other hand, let's say you bought a home. Your monthly payment is going towards building equity on the home. After you 5 years, you have paid down your loan and you own more of that house. Benefits of homeownership goes beyond building equity. It creates more stability for you and your family and it also creates better communities.


Our Ownership Program

At By Way Mobile Home Park, we belieive in providing homeownerhip while making it affordable for everyone. All of our available homes come with an option to help you become a homeowner. In this program, you rent the home for a period (typically between 5 to 7 years). We make sure the monthly payment is affordable and competitive with home or apartment rentals. In fact, we have seen that our monthly payment is lower than many of the apartments in the area. Then at the end of the term, the home becomes yours. All you pay is affordable lot rent and utilities. 

This program is really a win-win for you and our mobile home community. You enjoy the benefit of homeownership - saving money, stability, and peace of mind. The community benefits by having residents who are committed to making it a better place.

Want to find out more about homeownership in Columbus, OH? Please contact us!

How to Apply

Visit our community and tour the home. The mobile home park is located at 2778 Innis Road Columbus, OH 43224

Select a home that you are interested on our homes page. When you see a home you like, click on 'Apply Now' button. You can also submit a paper application. Our manager will provide it for you.



For safety of our residents, we do background, credit, eviction, criminal, and reference check for applicants. 

We require proof of income for 3 to 4 times of the rent amount. You will have to provide pay stubs.

Had a bankruptcy before? No problem. We understand that life happens and doesn't hold previous bankruptcies against you.